Retreat2 Marketing list of services include:
Brand Representation and Product Negotiations We meet with the QVC Buyers for all product introductions and work with the appropriate buying team throughout the life cycle of the product.
Quality Assurance Testing and Documentation We work with QVC's Quality Assurance department to ensure all product documentation is approved and products pass QVC's Quality Assurance tests.
Supply Chain Management We partner with the Supply Chain group to establish timely and accurate product delivery.
Category Production We work with the Category Production team making sure that all product and brand information is properly communicated and documented for on-air presentations.
On Air Sales Marketing and Strategies We develop on-air sales and marketing strategies for product presentations. Not limited to communication strategies, but also the look and feel of the product set.
Broadcasting Assistance We work one-on-one with the On-Air Spokesperson developing effective communication tools necessary to relate successfully to a TV audience.
Studio Support We are at QVC for every product presentation prior to and during any sell working with QVC's broadcasting group making sure that all the necessary support systems are in place to ensure successful on-air presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get a Product on QVC

Is my product a right fit for QVC?

Some of the criteria for a successful product on QVC include:
- Demonstrates well
- Offers a solution to an every day problem
- Appeals to a large audience
- Ability to produce in high volume

How do I get my product on QVC?

Contract Retreat2, LLC and we'll be happy to discuss with you the QVC process and our role in maximizing your sales with QVC